TrafficCam - Street Cleaning Pacman #12

Feb 2017 - How to lose playing the Vancouver Street Cleaning Pacman Game. (1)ignore the No-Parking signs (2)sleep-in late (3)ignore the Yellow-Jackets (4)move car after getting ticket (5)don't move car & get towed to random location (6)never find your car again (5 days later).

TrafficCam - SUV Parking Perfection #11

Feb 2017 - How to park your SUV perfectly in 5 minutes (1)back-in & line-up (2)adjust angle (3)crank wheel (4)back in slow (5)adjust spacing (6)visual check (7)find center (8)visual check again (9)re-adjust 1-inch from curb (10)SUV Parked Perfectly.

TrafficCam - Stuck in Snow Canuck Rescue #3

Feb 2017 - when stuck in snow ask a stranger for help, if 3 Guys and a shovel don't work let the strangers drive then try 3 Guys and 2 shovels. The Crazy Canucks win again!

TrafficCam - Stuck in Snow Checklist #1

Feb 2017 - Stuck in Snow Checklist = (1)spin tires (2)turn wheel (3)kick snow (4)kick snow again (5)spin tires (6)rock back & forth (7)repeat 1-6 (8)get help (9)push alone (10)push in reverse with help (11)clap for success!

TrafficCam - Snowy Taxi Crash #7

Feb 2017 - Taxi vs Bob's car on fresh snow = Bob-1/Taxi-0 slow motion replay, Stop sign fail, superb Opera Music overture, Vancouver ICBC Drive Safe message.

TrafficCam - Snowy illegal U-Turns #8

Feb 2017 - Snowy illegal U-Turns, crazy SUV Ballet, Playing in traffic, Stop sign running, U-Turn Mania, Car vs Pedestrian close-call, Light Saber! SmartCar Ballet.

TrafficCam - Snowy Minor Violations #6

Feb 2017 - Skidding past Stop sign, Taxi cutting off Taxi, Stuck in the ruts, Stop sign fishtailing in slow motion! Turning on a dime, Not turning on a dime, blasting through Stop sign! unbelievable!